Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Someone is banging a hammer inside my brain, so this post will be a bit of a freestyle ... By freestyle, I don't mean rhyming, but I mean saying whatever has been on my mind at the given moment ... Right now, I'm 99.9 percent done my Christmas shopping, but I stll have to wrap gifts ... I wrapped presents for two people the other day, but ran out of wrapping paper ... I actually had a dream last night about the kind of wrapping paper I wanted to buy ... And I only have memorable dreams when I'm not getting enough sleep ... My sleep meter is off the chain as of late ... I've been getting entirely too much sleep ... Yet I can't wake up in the morning ... Weird! ... This year, my job's idea of a holiday party is a potluck meal that we all enjoy during the workday ... That does not sound like fun to me ... Of course, we had this same situation last year when I got horribly sick ... I'll have to stay away from the hygenically challenged coworker's food this year ... I love getting Christmas cards, it's nice to know that my friends and family worldwide are thinking about me this holiday season ... However, if I've previously told you to stay out of my life, does that mean I want you to send me a Christmas card? ... I would think not, but apparently, folks don't get that memo .... So now I'm torn between using this card for a bonfire or dart practice .... We shall see .... Oh, I just finished draft 5 of my book!!! ... I guess that means I should .... I don't know, maybe try and get someone to publish it? ... Or go over it again, to make sure things hold together... *Shrug* ... Why are things so hard when they don't have to be? ... I'm reading 'Midnight: A Gangster Love Story' and I'm actually liking it, despite my previous reservations ... I have two free movie passes in my wallet that I'm desperate to use ... There are so many movies I want to see ... Slumdog Millionare ... Bolt ... 4 Christmases ... Changeling, but that's probably left the theaters by now ... Sigh ... Oh well, I'm off to go rest on my couch and read ... Or perhaps I'll start watching season 2 of Gossip Girl ... Yes, I watch that show ... And I am not ashamed .... At least, not yet ... Have a good day everyone!

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