Monday, February 18, 2008

Inflammation of the Worst Kind

Recently, I spent nearly an entire day inside my apartment half nude with the blinds shut tight.

That may sound like the beginnings of a beautiful scenario, but believe me, it was not. See, I woke up with this severe pain in one of my breasts. It hurt so badly that I was forced to be topless. It literally felt like there was a fire inside of me. I can't remember the last time I cried from physical pain, but this time I did it.

So in order to calm myself down, I went on WebMd to check my symptoms. I answered a few questions there and the web doctor informed me that I needed to get to the hospital immediately. That posed a problem, since you know, I couldn't get all the way dressed. Plus, just the fact that I had a condition that meant I needed to go to the hospital so quickly really drove me crazy.

Luckily, I know of a hospital that has a 24 hour nurse hotline that is the human equivalent of Web Md. After waiting forever, I finally got through to a nurse/operator. I told her my problem and she didn't have any ideas as to what was causing it. She didn't think I needed to go to the hospital since I didn't have any other problems that apparently come along with this, i.e. nausea, fever, etc. But she did suggest I see my doctor as soon as I could. My mom came over and tried to nurse me back to health with an abundance of chicken noodle soup and magazines.

By the time I got to my doctor, the worst of the problem was over. Apparently, these things happen from time to time for no reason at all. She gave me some medicine and told me to let her know if the problem returns. It has not, but it has given me greater concern for my girls. I've got to do better about my self exams. I was never really a stickler for that because I didn't think I was at risk since cancer doesn't run in my family. But I do know now that it can hit anyone at anytime, anyplace. So it is now my job to be more dilligent.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fear of A Black Pregnancy

Pregnant women scare me.

There, I said it.

Maybe scared isn’t the correct terminology. They cause me some discomfort, is a more accurate description. Whenever I learn someone is expecting, I glare down at her stomach as if I’m expecting the kid to just bust out and greet me. Don’t even get me started if the woman is advanced in her pregnancy. I can’t help but think that her water will burst and I’ll be forced to deliver the bouncing babe. That’s definitely not a thing I want to do.

I say all this because a close friend of mine is pregnant. It is good news and I’m happy for her. She is due in the fall and is barely showing. We went out for some food recently and she couldn’t eat because she can’t keep anything down. She just drank her soda and watched longingly as I ate my meal. We walked around a little bit and I told her she needed to be careful because she had “all kinds of stuff inside” her. Knowing my squeamishness with all things related to pregnancy, she cracked up.

Anywho, I see this thing as a good thing, mainly because I’ll be an auntie for the first time in my life. Those of you with siblings don’t understand what it’s like to be an only child and know that you’ll never have a niece or nephew to give the coveted ‘aunt’ title before your name. This is my first close friend to have a baby, so I’m hoping this tyke will fulfill my needs. This is a friend I see only sporadically, so I may not be hunted down often for gifts and whatnot, but who knows. However, I do reserve the right to give up my auntie duties if this kid is bad. I guess that’s the good thing about being a fake aunt. I can easily give up my rights.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Terrible Twos

Funny, I don't feel two years old. But I guess I am, because sometime in 2006 I started this here blog. In some ways it seems like a long time ago and in other ways, it feels just like yesterday.

This past year, I shared some of my embarrassing moments, struggles, obsessions, and fears for the youth. I also put out an APB on Mighty Max and made new friends.

I say all this to tell you all (whoever you are) thanks for tuning in to the Strength/Courage /Wisdom program. Keep checking in here and hopefully I'll be able to bring a smile to your face. Or at least make you want to come back!

Thanks again! Now I can't wait for my third blogday!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

School Daze

I'm going to try really hard not to get too stressed out this semester. However, that's going to be difficult, since I'm taking two challenging evening classes. Why would I do such an idiotic thing? Believe me, it was not by design.

I registered for two classes that are held on Tuesday and Thursdays -- both dealing with different aspects of fiction writing. Two different professors were teaching them. I'll call them Brilliant Professor and Slacker Professor for obvious reasons. I planned to have my Thursday night class -- the one with Brilliant Professor -- as the course I'd devote all my blood sweat and tears into. I would treat my Tuesday class with Slacker Professor as my time to catch up with my Thursday night reading as SP rambled on about his family, his career, life, etc etc etc.

On my first Thursday night, Brilliant Professor gave us the syllabus, which spelled out how much work the course was going to require over the next few months. I didn't mind, because I'm really impressed with Brilliant Professor. The first time I met her, I thought she was attitudinal, but I was wrong. She's a sweet woman who really knows what she's doing when it comes to writing and reading. I know I can learn alot from her. I hurried to get all of my books and spent that night doing my first assignment so the procrastination bug wouldn't hit me.

By the time Tuesday night rolled around, I was in lunch mode. The last time I had Slacker Professor I learned absolutely nothing. He never gave us a syllabus and seemed like he really didn't know what to do with the class. It was an easy A. It was just the kind of class I needed to have, especially when I had to deal with Brilliant Professor later in the week.

However, there's been a change. Slacker Professor is on medical leave and will not be teaching at all this semester! Any idea who is taking over his teaching duties??? Just guess. Yep, it's Brilliant Professor. My face fell when she distributed the massive syllabus and book list. Aye caramba! That's just what I get for trying to take the easy way out. Sigh. Pray for me this semester. Please!!!

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