Tuesday, February 05, 2008

School Daze

I'm going to try really hard not to get too stressed out this semester. However, that's going to be difficult, since I'm taking two challenging evening classes. Why would I do such an idiotic thing? Believe me, it was not by design.

I registered for two classes that are held on Tuesday and Thursdays -- both dealing with different aspects of fiction writing. Two different professors were teaching them. I'll call them Brilliant Professor and Slacker Professor for obvious reasons. I planned to have my Thursday night class -- the one with Brilliant Professor -- as the course I'd devote all my blood sweat and tears into. I would treat my Tuesday class with Slacker Professor as my time to catch up with my Thursday night reading as SP rambled on about his family, his career, life, etc etc etc.

On my first Thursday night, Brilliant Professor gave us the syllabus, which spelled out how much work the course was going to require over the next few months. I didn't mind, because I'm really impressed with Brilliant Professor. The first time I met her, I thought she was attitudinal, but I was wrong. She's a sweet woman who really knows what she's doing when it comes to writing and reading. I know I can learn alot from her. I hurried to get all of my books and spent that night doing my first assignment so the procrastination bug wouldn't hit me.

By the time Tuesday night rolled around, I was in lunch mode. The last time I had Slacker Professor I learned absolutely nothing. He never gave us a syllabus and seemed like he really didn't know what to do with the class. It was an easy A. It was just the kind of class I needed to have, especially when I had to deal with Brilliant Professor later in the week.

However, there's been a change. Slacker Professor is on medical leave and will not be teaching at all this semester! Any idea who is taking over his teaching duties??? Just guess. Yep, it's Brilliant Professor. My face fell when she distributed the massive syllabus and book list. Aye caramba! That's just what I get for trying to take the easy way out. Sigh. Pray for me this semester. Please!!!

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Camille said...

Hang in there! Watch the little rock 9 for inspiration!

Nicole said...

I will pray for you...but you know you're going to be better off with Brilliant Professor than Slacker. Think of how much you'll learn and...okay, taking my optimism some place else now. Good luck.