Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's Going On Pt II

· So, I think I have The Blues · Not the kind where everyone is like, ‘what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you?’ · No, more like the kind where everyone is like, ‘boy, you’ve been in such a good mood lately’ ‘you seem so upbeat’ · Well, folks, it’s all an act · I call this faking my way to a good day · If anyone could look inside my head, best believe they wouldn’t see the sunshine & cotton candy that they expect to find · No sir, they’ll find big, dark cumulus clouds, thunder, lightning and the bad witch from the Wizard of Oz · Ok, that’s quite an exaggeration, but I’m for real when I say I have The Blues ·

Clearly, the obvious question is, ‘why do you have The Blues, Strength?’ · Without putting all my business out there, I’ll just say that sometimes the obvious decisions are often the most difficult to make · I mean, I always knew 2 + 2 = 4 · But sometimes, I get it in my head that it could easily equal 5 or 6, or maybe even 11 · You’ll have to forgive me if this makes no sense · After all, I did tell you I have The Blues · I’m getting good at this swimming thing, btw · The class is mainly adults, with the exception of about three kids · One of the kids includes a mentally challenged boy who has been running around and wreaking havoc, but that’s another story · My swim teacher – ‘Charles’ -- has one leg, not that that has anything to do with anything · The fact that Charles is missing a limb doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but it’s all I can think about · Whenever people ask me how my lessons are going, I’ll say the same thing · ‘My teacher has one leg’ · Does that make me prejudiced? · Scratches head ·

I have this raging desire to do a bunch of art projects as an outlet for The Blues · Lately, collages have been my vice · Yet suddenly, I have a deep, intense, HUNGER to do some fingerpainting · I want to dip my hands deep into some paint, then flail them wildly across a white wall until I’m out of breath · Does that make me strange? · I must be sure to call my mother more often · Whenever I do call, she’s like ‘what’s wrong? what happened?’ · Apparently, I don’t call ‘just to say hi’ often enough · I’m obsessed with TLC, particularly What Not To Wear · For years, I’ve been fighting the fact that a friend needs a What Not To Wear intervention · Obviously, I wouldn’t embarrass her on TV in front of millions · But I’m not above holding her down while my hairstylist does her hair · Or shredding some of her clothes · Or applying some lipstick · Or oiling up the ashy spots · Sigh · I can be quite cruel when I want to be ·

I want to see Maxwell in the WORSE way · Tickets are sold out here, but I’m considering traveling to Idaho to see him perform · Seven has become my favorite number lately · What I mean, is that lately I’ve been grooving off of the seventh songs from my favorite CDs for The Blues · Mary J. Blige’s Real Love got me this · Heather Headley’s first CD gave me this · And the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack gave me this · Hey, I didn’t say they were happy songs · Each gave me what I wanted/needed at a given time ·

What I need right now is to stop reconsidering my decisions · Stand firm, woman · If That Man is elected, I’m moving to Canada · I’m rambling like an idiot · But I think that was the point of this post · I’ve become obsessed with Twitter · Which is yet another way of Big Brother to monitor us · Yet I can’t stop · Ok, signing off now · The Blues will be cured in no time · Out ·