Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Falling

In case you haven't noticed, I'm trying to do a new blog post a day for the month of December .... I saw a website that was rewarding people for doing this ... I should have picked a shorter month like February... It is really easier said than done to come up with 31 things to write about ... It's especially harder when you're like me and you track back ... Basically, I start posts and then return to them in the future ... For example, in the real world, it is Dec. 30, but this post says Dec. 23... At least I think that's what the date is ... So I'm torn between writing about current stuff or writing about 'future' stuff .. * Shrug * .... I'd made plans to go to a New Year's Eve party, but I'm not sure I feel like going ... In fact, I KNOW I don't feel like going ... The bash is in a place where parking is SCARCE ... And I really don't want ot fight the hordes .... I need to go to the movies.... I just saw 'Seven Pounds', which is a quick and easy way to fall into a depression ... I didn't enjoy the flick, but I'm sure there are plenty who did ... Have I ever mentioned how much I love 'Family Guy'? ... It's hilarious... 'Adult Swim' is the main reason why I can never get to bed early ... At 11 and 11:30, they play 'Family Guy' .. Then at midnight, they play 'Moral Orel', which is another crazy show ... But I like it ... Ok, time to go ... Off to watch 'Family Guy'


Tha L said...

Happy New Year lady! :-)

Cami said...

i LOVE family guy. and i also hated 7 pounds!