Friday, December 12, 2008

Partay Time!

My job isn’t giving us a real holiday party this year, other than the Potluck Bash, which is basically a eat-while-you-work-cause-we-don’t-want-to-spend-any-real-money-on you event. Folks in my department are holding a renegade happy hour sometime soon, so that should be a lot of fun.

But I’ve been hearing about some interesting holiday parties as of late. It seems as though this is the time to see your coworkers wind up and act a fool. I should know. Back in the day when my job did throw a holiday party – I’m talking about free alcohol and everything – some of the supervisors made quite a drunken scene at the restaurant. They requested so much alcohol that the bartender had to come out and say he was concerned about them driving home. Scandalous!

My parents went to my stepfather’s annual holiday party recently. They always have a good time, since his company shells out the big bucks. I mean they go to this EXPENSIVE restaurant, open bar and give gifts to employees who win raffles or are either loved by the big bosses. Mom told me how she went last year and my stepfather won an Xbox and they became friends with a married couple (Mr. & Mrs. Officer) who lived in their area. Dude was a retired cop who was now working with my stepfather and wifey was still a police officer. They had a couple of kids, in addition to caring for her nephew, whom they adopted.

Fast forward to this year. My parents go to the party and Mom is all eager to see Mrs. Officer. Instead, she sees Mr. Officer there, with another woman on his arm. He and wifey are still together, but I guess he started having a thing on the side with a younger woman he works with. It was quite interesting, since everyone knows and loves Mrs. Officer and had no clue why he would do something so public when everyone knows his marital status. And it is well known that he and Mrs. Officer have heated arguments, one where they both pull their guns out. Yikes! Everyone needs to leave the job once Mrs. Officer learns about this Other Woman.

And in a tradition my family could only start, my stepfather won an Xbox 360 for the second year in arow. But they are not game-playing people (But I am!). So they promptly took the gift back to the store and exchanged it for a gift card, which they used to buy Christmas gifts. Sigh. They’re so tacky. I can’t even be mad at that hussle though. There's nothing wrong with breaking the system.

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Tha L said...

Damn. Mr. Officer is sooo wrong...