Monday, December 08, 2008

!!! DONE !!!!

Well, I did what I said I was going to do. I called out of work so I could spend today finishing my paper, as well as doing my take home exam for my class. And you know what? It took the ENTIRE day. But ... I'm done!

I literally sat at this computer all day trying to make this 12 page paper meet the 15-20 pages my professor required. I was able to stretch it to 14 pages, but really, that's all I can get. The professor had mentioned before she wouldn't take off for length if the papers were strong enough to keep from going further. Well, I hope my paper falls into that category.

The take home exam I had to do was just as mentally exhausting as the paper. I ate nothing but bananas and granola bars all day, because making anything substantive would have taken me away from the test. But slowly but surely, I finished.

After I was done, I took the gazillion articles I had to read over the semester and tossed them in the trash. Then I treated myself to a real meal and a little bit of fingerpainting, which was a fun mess. It is such a joy to put all this behind me. Now I have to begin the long journey of regaining my sanity.


NaySue said...

Hey, last Friday I was there with you. The requirement was 20, I did a strong 18--and got an A. So if anybody feels you, I feel you.

Cami said...

yay for sanity!

Kenji Jasper said...

I'm back on at Tell a friend ;)