Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Roughin' It

I'm moving this weekend and recently learned that I would be without Internet access for about a week. This came as a serious blow to me, someone who no longer has cable. How will I handle those late-night lulls, when I'm not ready to go to bed and there's nothing on TV? But the Internet lady assures me that I should have my DSL hookup by April 3 -- I think that's the day she said. Since I'm going to be incognito for that time period, I'm proposing a blog marathon for myself. Every day until the Powers that Be disconnect me from my lifeline, I will add a new post. So here goes day #1 of Strength/Courage /Wisdom's Blogathon:

In the 11th hour, my colleagues are starting to get concerned about Ned. Mind you, two weeks ago I was typing at my office computer with a fever and practically coughing up a lung. When I looked around for support, there was none. I did eventually leave work early because I was sick, but it would've been nice if the sweet old ladies who sit next to me said something along the lines of, "Are you alright, Strength? You don't sound so hot." I got no such thing. I tried not to be bitter and went home.

Ned is slowly leaving the picture, but he pops up now and again to kick game. I coughed once this afternoon -- once -- and these elderly women showered me with concern.
Old lady #1: Strength, that's a pretty nasty cough.
Me: I know, but I'm getting better.
Old lady #2: You poor thing. I hope you're not coming down with anything.
Me: I'm not. That was last week. I'm much better now.
#1: You don't sound like it.
#2: Would you like some tea? Or maybe cough drops?
Me: I have prescribed cough syrup, thank you.
#1: Well, it doesn't seem to do the trick.
#2: Have you tried Alleve?

The conversation continued until I wanted to scream. Where was their concern when I thought I was dying? I resisted the urge to climb my cubicle wall and cough all over them. The heffas. Maybe Ned will go after them next. I saw him checking them out.
(Photo courtesy of http://www.savetz.com/bandaid/commercials/c1p5.jpg)

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MotownRunnerGirl said...

i think i've found my own ned. i had him all day at work yesterday, all of last night and again this morning. i hate ned!!! ned sucks!!!!!!