Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bah humbug

Because I've been ill, I've been downright grumpy. And my grumpiness has led me to post a list of things I hate. Most of these things have to do with television, since all I did all week was drug myself and watch the tube. It should be noted that I don't have cable. *sigh*

I hate the following:
1. The Ghost Whisperer. I was trying to find something decent to watch Friday and stumbled across this garbage. I've never been a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt and I was surprised to see that she still had a job. To say this show is garbage is a gross understatement. The story was poor and the acting was something out of a dime-store production. Love's hair and makeup job is all wrong too. From the looks of her, you'd think this show was set in the 1960s. Nope, it's present day.

2. Tyson Beckford. Ok, I don't hate him , but I was unimpressed with his showing on Oprah. First of all, who comes on Oprah wearing jeans and tennis shoes? Tyson, apparently. He was talking about a car accident he was in that nearly took his life. He started crying and looked like a punk by doing so. I have nothing against man tears, but Tyson's were of a different sort. It would be one thing if he said that the accident bought him closer to God and helped him turn his life around and realize what matters. Nah. Tyson sniffled about the dude that tried to run him off the road. "I don't know why he wanted to hurt me," Tyson cried. "I don't know what I did to make him so mad." Not to minimize what happened, but isn't he from the Bronx? Sheesh. Time to man up, T.

3. The Shaggy Dog. Sometimes I'll see a movie preview and wonder why Hollywood took the time to make such garbage. The Shaggy Dog is such a movie. I've watched Tim Allen and Kristin Davis on interviews talking about this movie as if it's worth the $8.50 admission. Puhleeze. Ya'll can keep that.

4. Lost repeats. I'm about to leave these mofus on that deserted island if they don't show a new episode soon. Two weeks of reruns? Are they crazy? I hear that they want fans to use this time to watch the old episodes and find any clues that they may have missed. Bump that. A repeat is a repeat. I have no more room for deja vu in my life. New episodes please!

5. 24. It hurts my heart to say this, but Jack Bauer and Co. aren't doing it for me this season. Yeah, they woke up my man Tony this past week, but the show isn't getting me weak in the knees like it has in the past. And they killed Michelle! WTF?!! This may be my last season watching this show.

6. Dayquil/Nyquil. Why is it that Nyquil is the only one that causes 'marked drowsiness'? I like to get knocked the hell out in the daytime too.

7. St. Patrick's Day. I loathe the color green, so I'm already dreading March 17, when hoardes of people will be dressed in that horrible color and come out in drunken droves. Then there's always that person who thinks their cute and pinches me for not wearing green on that holiday. I think I'll break that person's finger.

8. Tests. I have another exam this week. Yuck. I'll never understand the point of memorizing pointless facts from a textbook. I'll just forget them once the semester is over.

9. Moving. In two weeks, I have to pack up this apartment and move to another apartment complex all because the powers that be are jacking my rent way the hell up. When the lady at the office told me it would cost me an additional $50/month to renew my lease, I laughed in her face. I need to buy property. Rent is killing a sistah.

10. Being sick. The weather is soooo delightful, but I can't enjoy it because I'm a sniffling, sneezing mess. I step one foot outside and either my eyes start watering, my nose starts to run, or a huge sneeze erupts from my body. Grrr. Calgon take me away!!

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hey chickie, how you feeling? any better today?