Monday, February 20, 2006

If I knew then what I know now ....

I'm imagining that I'm able to get on board a time machine and have a conversation with myself as a teenager. Here are some of the things I'd tell a 16-year-old me:

1. Spend more time with your father. You don't know how much time you'll have with him.
2. Stop being jealous of how much the boys ogle over Kelly B. and Kellee C. In two years, they'll be pregnant and won't know who the fathers are anyway.
3. It's okay to be angry. Stop worrying about what people think and start cussing folks out already!
4. Break the rules/sneak out of the house. That's what those teenage years are for.
5. You'll meet your first love in a year. Enjoy the relationship, but don't carry it over into college. The college years are for dating and seeing the world. If you still have the hots for him after that (you won't) go for it.
6. Keep writing, don't give up. Finish at least one or two of those stories you have lying around.
7. Stop watching soap operas. AMC will continue to blackball Mimi & Derek and all their other black characters (pun intended), get over it. Get your own life.
8. Just because it's legal for you to work, doesn't mean you have to have a job. Get involved in some kind of activity ... preferably one that can get you some scholarship funding.
9. Don't be afraid to show people how smart you are. The girl who constantly raises her hands in class only annoys people who aren't worth her time anyway.
10.Tell your mother. If she doesn't listen, tell your father.