Monday, May 29, 2006

Bloggers' Block

It's Memorial Day and I'm sitting here in a T-shirt and sweatpants, halfway watching Young & the Restless. It occurred to me earlier that I haven't blogged in awhile, so I clicked my laptop on. Now I realize that I have absolutely nothing to say.

There hasn't been much going on in my life that's worth talking about. There's the ongoing issue with LeftBehind, but that's an ongoing saga. Oh, I'm one step closer to locking my hair. I went to my hairdresser Saturday and cut most of the remaining relaxer out of my hair ( I haven't had a new relaxer since January) and added micro-braids. It's weird that in order to go natural I have to attach someone else's hair into my scalp as part of the process. Actually, I didn't need to get the braids, but my real hiar shorter than I'd ever seen it before. It barely reaches my ears, if I can remember correctly. So I'll keep these braids in for about a month and then go to locking ... if I'm ready. Mom hasn't taken my switch to natural hair too well, but I'll elaborate on that issue in a later post. (The way my brain's been going lately, it's best to stockpile ideas)

I finished writing a short story yesterday, which is a good thing. It only took me about three days to do this one and I'm fairly happy with it. I've been following the advice of writer Steven Barnes who suggests that anyone trying to write a novel start by writing short stories -- a story a week. Once the stories are written, you have to mail them out to magazines/journals and keep them in the mail until they get published. I've written quite a few stories in this way, but no dice on the publishing. One of the problems I'm running into is that alot of publications don't accept submissions during the summer months. Alot of reading periods have closed in May, leaving me with all these stories and nothing to do but file them away until the winter. I could start writing the novel, but that would be what a logical, thinking person would do. And I don't like to do things that make sense.

Today I'm feeling extremely lazy. It'll take a miracle for me to put on real clothes and leave the house. I have washed and put on clean clothes, but I'm still wearing my glasses and I haven't made my bed yet. I don't have many groceries, so I suppose I'll have to leave eventually if I want to eat something more than Rice Krispies. Ah well. Decisions, decisions.


boysidate said...

yes, not writing in your blog is something that your loyal readers do not appreciate. i mean, the whole toilet thing was amusing and everything but really, we need a little more from you. that said,....holy crap, you have to write a short story a week? what in god's name do you write about? love? work? annoying people? i would go for days on the annoying people thing. ok, sugar, give us some more of your writings...!!!

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

sorry, i'm trying!! i need some inspiration