Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Time ... Almost

I’m sitting at work waiting for quitting time. Tonight, I’ll be hanging out with some friends before heading over to my parents’ for the eve of Thanksgiving. Then we’ll probably cook, play Scrabble and dabble in my stepfather’s HUGE bootleg collection. (don’t tell, ya’ll!)

My Mom is always the one that’s truly in the holiday spirit. It’ll be just the three of us celebrating, so she may make us go around the table and list something that makes us thankful. Right now, the only things that cross my mind are selfish and silly things that I’d rather mention here than to my family. So here goes.

I am thankful for ...

-The new coat I bought from Target last night. It’s very rare for me to go into a store intending to buy something and actually finding something that I like. Good stuff!

-Catching the old school song of the day while running out for lunch today. The dj played “Before I Let You Go” by Blackstreet. That truly took me back. I remember that video because Omar Epps (a member of my harem) was in the vid, along with Shari Headley (Coming to America), who was my favorite soap opera actress at the time.

-The 70 degree weather. It means that I have no need for this new coat today and I’m suffering in my non air conditioned car, but still … it feels good.

-That I get to watch “Razor” on Saturday with a fellow BSG geek. We may also fill up the day watching “Hostel II” and “Hot Fuzz”

-The white girl who shares my cubicle wall. She’s a preppy, private school, New England-bred gal. Her mom’s birthday is on Thanksgiving and she told me that she’s buying her Kanye West’s cd because “she just loves Kanyeezie.” My jaw fell open.

-Alice Smith. "For Lovers, Dreamers & Me" is on constant repeat.

-Having cable. Yes, I have let the corporate predators into my home once again by linking into their network. Now, between FX, Bravo, BET, Vh1 and Soapnet, I can never leave the house. *Sigh*

Ah well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! No matter what anyone says, eat as much as you want. No one likes a dieting dinner guest. =)


eclat said...

Happy Turkey, and thanks to you, I now have Maxwell's Cococure video on my iTunes...on repeat. HAWT. I blush everytime I watch this video... especially when he washes his hair and gets soap in his eye. :ol

I am thankful for iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Nice list! I was looking at Target coats online, but living in a place where there are more palm trees than evergreens, I came up short when I got to the store. Oh well!

mahoganysoul said...

About time you got some damn cable, lol! Girl, I'm thankful for that too!

eclat said...

*drums nails impatiently*


Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

It's coming, it's coming! End of the semester. Papers. Finals. Insanity. Stay tuned ...

World of Isaac said...

where you at?

Tha L said...

i figured you were busy with the end of semester blues. believe me momma, i feel your pain. handle yo bizzness, can't wait to see you on the flip.