Monday, November 12, 2007


Please forgive me for my recent tirade. I had a terrible day and needed to vent, so I did it on the blogosphere. I'm much better now and thanks for hanging in there with me. I hope I didn't offend anyone with my rant. I was going to delete that post altogether, but I think I'm going to leave it there so I can return to it a year from now and look at it as a distant memory, a lesson learned.

Anyway, the recent drama in my life sent me straight back to my home away from home, Barnes & Noble. Say what you want, but I am a regular at this spot, which is just outside my parents' neighborhood. I often get in trouble for traveling to the B&N and leaving without saying hello to my folks. Ah well.

This time, I saw two other people who are at the B&N as often as I am. First there's Duane -- I call him that because he reminds me of a guy I once knew of the same name. I can never figure out if Duane is a writer, student or homeless. No matter what the weather, he walks around wearing a wife beater, dark hat and dingy pants. He's always in the cafe and his table is covered with books and papers. He's always either writing furiously or reading furiously. I'm torn between asking him what he's working on and giving him a dollar. Instead, I just leave him alone and watch from afar.

The other person is Helen. She's this college-aged disabled girl and her father usually drops her off there and picks her up later. I don't know anything about her, other than what I see. I'm not so sure what the name of her disability is, but she walks with an exaggerated limp. The first time I met her a few months ago, she scared me to death. I was sitting at my table, minding my own business when I heard this strange, noise. It's hard to describe, but it sounded the way I think a demon would sound shortly before it took it's next victim. Anyway, I soon realized my life wasn't in danger. The noise was Helen, grunting as she copied some words out of a book.

Once, I went to my beloved B&N, only to see that there was some kind of emergency inside and the fire department had it blocked off. I went into a panic and called the operator, trying to find another B&N. There weren't any nearby, so I had to settle for Border's. Once I got there, who did I see? Helen and Duane, doing there usual work. Now that's dedication!

Anyway, it was good to be surrounded by books, quiet and some familiar faces. Plus, a caramel macchiato makes everything better. Yum!


eclat said...

Omg, you're so lucky to be able to actually have a caramel macchiato...I'd love to have one right now!

I love B&N, too...there's something so calming and reassuring about it. Seriously! Especially when you can actually get a table. I love it.

VENT!! That's what your blog is there's your personal journal! Even if others can read it. And there was nothing offensive there, imho, anyway.

And btw, I've been using an online library to access books now...computers/design are my thing, so this is like heave for me...everything accessible from my computer, woohoo!!

World of Isaac said...

why are you apologizing for being angry?

hek, we all have days like that

motownrunnergirl said...

yeah, girl don't apologize. i loved reading that post. ya hear me?!??? so i watched indiana jones tonight. that's a good movie. they really don't make em like they used to. oh yeah, i meant to tell you that i really, really, really love this post. if my blog was anonymous, i'd write more stuff like this. keep on writing shugar!