Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going

Yes, I’ve been gone for quite a while and I apologize. This little thing called school reared its ugly head on me at the end of the semester and it required all of my attention. I’m proud to say that classes ended last night, so I am putting my brain on a vacation until February 2008. Until then, I will only read chick lit and Cosmo and I will watch as much trash tv as possible. Oh yes. I can’t wait.

But school isn’t the only reason I’ve been absent from the blogosphere. Another thing called laziness also set in, but I think I've overcome it. Anyway, here's a brief rundown as to what's been going on with me lately:

-I've decided that I need a part-time job. I make decent money, but I live in an expensive area and if I want to become a homeowner, I need some extra dough. However, there is nothing as humbling as going to my favorite drugstore and asking the 16-year-old cashier for a job application.

-In light of the writers strike, I've decided to go on a little strike of my own -- from men. Because I've done this before, I know that this is the time when the dudes want to crawl out of the woodwork and jump into my lives. These days, the most interesting are The Ex, who is once again showing his stalkerish ass and a married friend of a friend, who is now separated from his crazy wife, and is asking around about my relationship status and how he can get in touch with me. Obviously, these fools didn't read my picket sign -- "NEVER TRUST ANYONE WITH AN XY CHROMOSOME." But I'm always open to negotiations ...

-Once again, I procrastinated on doing my Christmas shopping. I started just the other day, but now I can only think of what my grand gift to myself will be this year. I'm thinking either new iPod, new guitar or laptop. I'm leaning toward the iPod, but I would literally sell my soul for a red guitar.

-I really want to see 'Sweeney Todd.' Seriously, I love Johnny Depp. I always forget that I love him, and then he'll come out with a movie, and I'll remember that I love him all over again. Now there's a man that would make me drop my picket sign.

-I'm really hurt that the networks are canceling 'Journeyman.' That just hurts. And I need Battlestar back in my life. Immediately.

Ah well. That's about it. Thanks to all of you who missed me on the blogosphere and inquired as to where I've been. I'm back, baby!


Camille said...

Hey there. Glad you're back! I'm on the hunt for a side hustle myself, and open to suggestions. And I'm with you on the Christmas shopping. It's getting knocked out this weekend. I think, lol...

Nicole said...

Welcome back! Missed you...what's this about Journeyman? I like that show.

With ya on the whole pt job thing - would love to find something that let's me write. Also with you on the JD thing...spent Sunday watching Pirates 1 and 2 back-to-back.

Eclat said...

Yayyy, you're back! :0) Since your classes are over, I shall expect regular posts and fun-laden updates on a near daily basis. With that, my blog needs will be met. !!!

LOVE, Johnny Depp. He's so beautiful and freaking talented and aloof with the whole celeb thing. The combination equals "hawt". :0)

Speaking of "hawt", here's my royal hawtness tossing his beautiful mane about in the bathtub.


Love how the video comes with the whole explicit content warning. Hilarity.

Tha L said...

Hey!! Yeah, I was really getting tired of lookin' at those damn turkeys, but your absence is completely understood. So glad to hear that classes are over, and I hope you get some much deserved rest.

Muze said...

hey lady...glad to see you back! i can't wait to see sweeney todd either.

and that strike against men...i was on one the other week when bf pissed me off. LOL.