Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Sunday Spin (or Your Screaming Orgasm vs My Stereo?)

1. I'm happy to report that I finally took the comprehensive exam that will take me one step closer to my master's degree
2. A 6-hour test ain't no joke, ya'll
3. Once it was over, I literally cleared my table of all my notes and dumped them in the trash. So I better have passed!
4. My loud upstairs neighbors had the nerve to report me to our leasing company, saying that I WAS TOO LOUD
5. That forced me to have a chat with them where I let them know everything I hear -- snoring, footsteps, the TV, whole conversations, them having sex
6. Dude finally understood where I was coming from and we shook on it. I'm so glad it didn't get ugly
7. I need to go clothes shopping in the worst way, but I'm not finding anything. Sigh.

Have a good week!


Tha L said...

Congrats on getting through those comps! I completely understand the stress that this caused you...I'll pray for you that you passed!

Camille said...