Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrate World Tuberculosis Day (Or, Celebrate My Birthday)

So today was my birthday and what did I do? For the first time EVER, I went to work. I only did that because I've been taking homeownership classes which are right near my office, so I figured I might as well work. I am off the rest of the week though, so that's good.

I have a coworker who said she always goes to work on her birthday, just to feel special from all the people who wish her a happy birthday. I thought she was pretty pathetic until this year. Now, I can be pretty obnoxious about my special day, but I'd like to think I'm only that way with friends and family, NOT the coworkers. If it weren't for Facebook, alot of folks wouldn't have known today was my day. But they figured it out, and here is how they made me feel special:

-A friend hand delivered to me a breakfast from Whole Foods -- French toast, eggs and bacon, along with my favorite Kiwi Strawberry drink
-Coworker tied a HUGE 'Happy Birthday' balloon to my chair and gave me a happy birthday pin, so I got more than my fair share of happy birthdays
-My immediate supervisor made cupcakes -- WITH 33 CANDLES ON EM!! -- and brought them out to me. I even managed to blow them all out. There's still some air left in me!
-My supervisor also gave me a snazzy pink scarf and a card from Hoops & Yoyo at Hallmark
-My aunt wrote my a birthday poem

So yeah, it all made me feel warm and fuzzy inside! And that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the number of phone calls, texts, emails and Facebook messages I got for my special day. Now I'm sitting back, waiting for my birthday pizza to arrive, and thinking about how I'll celebrate this weekend, because, as you know, birthdays are a weeklong celebration. =)

Random factoids about March 24:
-Tommy Hilfiger, Peyton Manning and Alyson Hanigan all share my birthday (So does Star Jones, but I don't brag about that one)
-The movie 'The Breakfast Club' takes place on one of my birthdays. It opens up with the line 'March 24, 198---' I can't remember which year, I think it was 1987. Shrug
-March 24 is also World Tuberculosis Day
-March 24, 1980 was sadly the day Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador was killed. I remember learning about this in Spanish class and being traumatized that such a horrible event could happen on such a wonderful day

Anyway, 33 has been treating me well so far. I look forward to having a healthy and prosperous Jesus year!

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Tbyrd said...

I love the cupcake idea! Awww

Diasporique said...

I want some of those cupcakes and French toast! I love when co-workers get all involved and interactive on birthdays. :o) The kind of involvement that yields balloons and baked goodies to be exact.