Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Sunday Spin

1. I had a fabulous 3-day weekend!

2. I spent it visiting my homies in my former stomping grounds and I tried my darndest not to use words like 'privet', 'axis,' and 'birdie' (inside joke).

3. I also discovered the joy of Rock Band on the Wii. I sang a little bit, played the drums and I even ...

4. ... played guitar, which was my favorite part. Being the obsessive person that I am, I became obsessed with one song in particular.

5. My trip did help me realize that the next time I fly, I may want to aim for a first-class seat ...

6. .... either that or rip out the throats of every spoiled mofo sitting in that section. (seriously, the flight attendants were holding up the line onto the plane just so they could give one of them some orange juice. GOODNESS!)

7. But now I'm feeling exhausted. So that means it's time to floss, brush and hop in bed. Maybe a teeny tiny bit of tv and a few pages of a book, but it's lights out after that!

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