Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Sunday Spin

1. I got 13 hours of much needed sleep last night, complete with one nightmare, one interruption due to my bladder and another interruption because of my neighbors' getting busy.

2. It is raining hard and that's temporarily diverting my plans to go to the grocery store. The cupboard is seriously bare.

3. New TV obsessions: Being Erica, Celebrity Apprentice, The Amazing Race.

4. I made my first sale at Job Deux this weekend. Hooray!

5. Time to start thinking about a Mother's Day gift. Hmmm ...

6. Currently reading Ha Jin's 'A Free Life', which revolves around a family of Chinese immigrants.

7. I need to see the following movies: 'Star Trek', 'Wolverine' and 'American Violet.'


Tbyrd said...
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Tbyrd said...

I didn't even know American Violet was in theaters already. I definitely want to see it but I will be in ABW mode afterwards. grrrr