Sunday, June 18, 2006

Go, GHANA!!!

I'm sure there's a rule out there that says as an American, I am entitled to root for the U.S. team in the World Cup. I am officially bucking the system. The U.S. plays Ghana June 22 and all I can say is, GO GHANA!!!

I couldn't have cared less about the World Cup until this past Saturday, when I spent like five hours waiting to get my car serviced. I finished a good book, read the newspaper and tried unsuccessfully to do a sudoku puzzle. The only thing left to do was to watch television, which the service guys turned up once the match between Ghana and the Czech Republic came on.

The game was amazing. Ghana came out swinging, scoring the first goal in the second minute. The end score was 2-0, Ghana won. This was Ghana's first time beating an European country since the 1960s and Africa's first victory in the World Cup. Czech Republic, which had already beat the U.S., was ranked second in the world before that upset. Everyone in the waiting room was cheering for Ghana -- black folks, white folks and Latinos. My car was ready before the next match, which was between U.S. and Italy, but I didn't have any interest on that one. I went online today and saw when the U.S. and Ghana will play and I can't wait. Go Ghana!!
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MotownRunnerGirl said...

damn, i have the worst cold today. and yes, go ghana!!

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

ghana won! horray!!