Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Sunday Spin .... on a Wednesday this time, because that's how lazy I am

1. Father's Day weekend was great! I got the stepdad season one of 24. I also got him a card with Barack Obama on the front. The card didn't say anything special, but since it had a picture of The Prez, it got rave reviews.

2. I finally added Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 to my ever growing movie collection. Lots of bloody fun. Now I need to fulfill my musical streak and purchase 'Across the Universe' and 'Moulin Rouge'.

3. Speaking of movies, one of my faves was on this weekend, The Color Purple. As I watched this time, I couldn't help but realize how selfish that Shug Avery is. I wanted to scream at Celie to wake up! If Shug really loved her, she wouldn't be sleeping with Mister and would've took Celie with her when she said Mister beats her. But no! All Shug wanted was to push Celie's button and roll out. Hmph. Of course, I got over that by the time the movie got to my favorite scene -- "God's Tryin To Tell You Somethin'." Sniff, sniff. Breaks me up everytime.

4. I just finished 'I Am Not Sidney Poitier', which was written by one of my favorite authors, Percival Everett. I thought the book was decent, but 'Erasure' is my favorite Everett book of all times. He's got this dry sense of humor that really cracks me up. I'll never forget this one part of 'Erasure', where the main character thinks back to when he was a boy and his sister catches him masturbating: "What are you doing?" "Masturbating." "I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad!" "Go ahead. What are they gonna do, take it away from me?"

5. July 15 is right around the corner, and that will be a very special day for me. If you don't know why, then perhaps you don't know me as well as you thought you did.

6. I'm so tired of hearing about the Jon & Kate scandal, but I CAN'T STOP reading every detail I hear about it. Sigh. Let's not forget that I was into this show back in the day, before their marriage fell apart. With everything that's going on, someone suggested that they start calling the show "Jon & Kate Find New Mates". There's also another site selling merchandise.

7. And that about sums up my goings on for the time being.

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