Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Top 25

So, a couple of people on Facebook have tagged me into doing this note and I haven’t responded. I figure I’ll do it on here and let my Facebook friends wonder about my ‘mysterious’ life.

The rules are that you’re supposed to list 25 random facts about yourself and tag a few people to do the same. Don’t worry, I’m not tagging anyone. So, here you go:

1 My favorite color is red

2 I dislike green, particularly lime green

3 I’m left handed at heart

4 What that means is that my parents took the pen from my left hand and into my right

5 Basically, they did this nature vs nurture thing because they wanted me to be “normal”

6 But my dad was left handed, so I feel like he should’ve fought harder for my left-handed status

7 I do feel a tremendous bond with lefties and often give them my sob story

8 In fact, I find it extremely attractive when I see a man writing with his left hand.

9 No, I can’t explain it

10 Yes, I know our new president is left handed =)

11 I really have trouble with Rapid Leg Movement Syndrome

12 I don’t have the condition, but I can’t tolerate being around anyone who does

13 It freaks me out to watch someone sitting there, their leg just constantly vibrating

14 The thought alone gives me the chills

15 I’m anal about strange things

16 I’m no neat freak, but I refuse to have dirty dishes in my sink (I’ll either be up all night washing them, or I’ll hide them in the microwave or the oven)

17 At work, I absolutely hate it when people dispose of their trash into my trash can. *GRRR*

18 Because they know it irritates me so, my coworkers do it quite often

19 Recently got into comic books again

20 Am not ashamed to admit that I’m a grown Harry Potter fan

21 But I am ashamed to admit that I stood outside in a long line to get Harry Potter book #7

22 Yet I wasn’t willing to do the same on President Obama’s inauguration

23 In my defense, there was an extreme difference in the weather at those two events

24 I’m sure the president understands

25 Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I stuck with that left handed thing

Photo from http://www.themonkeycage.org/obama.jpg


Anonymous said...

hahaha, love it. i know so many ppl who are 'true' lefties. it's like being left handed was bad luck or something, so all these parents put the pencils in their kid's right hand. shame, shame ...

Nicole said...

Hey, I'm left handed at heart, too. But it was a head start teacher who betrayed me. Now I look at all lefties with envy.