Tuesday, June 03, 2008

'Twins run in our family'

I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. There’s no reason for it, actually. I just can’t get my tail to bed on time. But the problem with that is my sleep deprivation typically causes me to have some crazy dreams when I do get to sleep. On an ordinary night, I don’t remember my dreams at all.

So the other night I had the craziest two part dream that I must share. In the first part, I was in the hospital, in labor I guess, when someone hands me two blankets with babies wrapped up in them. Apparently, I had given birth. To twins! I did not feel happy about this. All I felt was stressed and scared. And the worse part was, there was no one in the hospital room with me. Where was my support system?? I’m not meant to raise two children alone!! And all I could hear in the background was my aunt’s voice saying, ‘twins run in our family,’ which is something she actually said weeks ago.

I’m really wondering what that dream meant. I am absolutely NOT pregnant, so that theory is out the window. I’ve had recurring dreams where I am pregnant, but all in different scenarios. In each of those dreams, there’s no baby, just me filled with the constant fear of having a kid. Never have twins entered the picture. Never. And I wouldn’t say twins run in our family. We have two sets of twins -- nothing near epidemic proportions. But whatever. I’m just scratching my head as to what that dream was about.

In the second part of my dream, one of my friends was pushing me to travel to some place that she thought would be fun and exciting. Delaware. I told her repeatedly that I had been to Delaware hundreds of times and never found anything particularly fun or exciting about it, but she wouldn’t listen to me, she wanted to go. So we go there and I as I predicted, have a pretty boring time. And that’s all I remember about that part of the dream. I think I woke up laughing on that one.

Anyway, it just shows that my mind has been a jumbled mess as of late. I’ll have to go to bed earlier until I can find which bedtime works best for me.


Anonymous said...

i feel you on the weird dreams. mine are usually off kilter if i eat junk before bed. then, it's some weird ish that i recall in bits and pieces the next day.

Nicole said...

Delaware fun and exciting? That was definitely a dream...and no harm meant to Delawarians.

Like Cami, I get weird dreams if I eat a heavy meal close to bed time or eat too much junk food. I get downright scary dreams if I forget to say my prayers.

A said...

Hmmm... maybe you're consciously trying to come to grips with the idea that you don't want kids, which your subconscious already knows. OR, maybe your subconscious DOES want kids and is trying to relay it to your conscious. OR, maybe you had spicy chimichangas and watched cartoons before bed and that's why you're having weird kid dreams? :-P

Eb the Celeb said...

having dreams of being pregnant when I dont want to be at the moment would scare the mess out of me so I am glad that hasnt happened.

I do want identical twin boys though when that time does come

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