Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Lunch Crunch

In recent months, I decided to switch up my lunch routine a little bit. In the past, I would always bring my lunch, eat it at my desk, then run to the library for the duration of my break to get away from the office and escape my colleauges.

But that has changed. I don’t know why I started this, but all of a sudden, I’m bringing my book (in some cases books) and eating in the office cafeteria. This area is usually pretty quiet. The only person I see in there is a grumpy old man who enters every day at 12:05 p.m. to read the newspaper, cover to cover. He gets annoyed whenever people make noise, and plugs his ears as a sign of protest. Of course, that only makes people (namely me) make more noise as they move chairs around, or hit the vending machine’s brows button.

Recently, people have come to join me in the office cafeteria. The first person, Bunny, had to grow on me. She reads while she eats too, but she also likes to talk. Not talk, complain, about the job, our coworkers, etc. I’m all for a tad bit of office griping, but she takes it to another level. Eventually, she took the hint as I’ve limited our convos to our books and our meals.

Then there is Candy, the caffeine addict. She comes in the cafeteria every afternoon because she desperately needs a Diet Coke. We chat for a minute, then she runs back to work. Recently, she looked upset and I made the mistake of asking her what was wrong. She nearly burst into tears as she described a huge project that had been thrust upon her at the last minute. Honestly, I didn’t think the task was that huge and I thought she was overreacting, but I didn’t say as much. I just gave her some advice, a little pep talk and sent her on her way. But that did eat up 20 minutes out of my lunch break. Twenty minutes that I may never get back!

The other day, the weather was so nice I decided to eat at our outdoor patio. Big mistake. For one, the tables are all positioned (and bolted down) in the shaded areas, where it is freezing. I tried to maneuver so I can be more in the sunshine. That worked for a little while, until I noticed the huge pack of bees --- no, no, they were WASPS – swarming toward me and my meal. Lovely. I bolted up and went to a table in the shade and sat down, only to realize much to late that the chair was wet. So I had an unfortunate wet stain on the back of my slacks. I wanted to weep.

So sometime soon, I think I’m going to have to start going to the library again. No chatty, crying colleagues or wasps there!


Nicole said...

I feel you. I park a block from my office and used to heat my lunch and walk to my car to sit and read. During the Spring I joined the "sit on the front steps and eat" crew, but now it's too hot and I'm not trying to "tan". Then I was hiding in the "breast feeding" room, but we have some new moms and they get testy when it's time to do their business. Lately it's been the office cafeteria until people started asking to sit with me. Why don't they get that my nose in a book means I don't want to be talked to? I'm reading David Sedaris; if they had anything half as funny to say as he does, I wouldn't mind so much. But no. And the last thing I want to do at lunch is talk about work. So, I'm probably going back to the parking garage and my car.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with lunch issues. A breast feeding room?? LMAO!!! And as much as I love David Sedaris, I'm ashamed to admit that I've only listened to him on This American Life, but I haven't read any of his books. I'll have to change that.

Tha L said...

Damn a wasp girl! Take yo behind back to the library! BTW, glad you enjoyed the movie. Smooches!

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