Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Other Woman

I met the Other Woman not too long ago and she had the nerve to be pretty darn cool. We could have been friends in another life, if it weren’t for our circumstances. But she took it upon herself to steal my man, so we can’t get any closer.

My man is none other than a dude named James Joyce (not his real name, obviously). He and I have been holding it down since 2000. He is always around whenever I need a movie date or an excuse to go shopping. He cooks me extravagant meals and refers to any one of my nemeses as That Bitch. Allow me to state the obvious. James Joyce is gay.

He and I were big ‘Felicity’ fans back in the day, so we share an undying love for Keri Russell. We had planned to see ‘Waitress’ together, but that didn’t work out, so we made plans to see ‘August Rush’ together. Recently, we had a phone conversation where he confessed that he already saw August Rush. With his coworker, Ana, The Other Woman. Apparently, she scored free tickets and asked him to come along. It was all so last minute that there was no way he could say no. Or so he said.

Anyway, I was at the bookstore the other day, minding my own business, when who do I run into? Yes. Ana, that freaking palindrome. We make small talk and I play nice with her, until she tells me that she was just coming back from seeing "Charlie Wilson's War" with J.J. Immediately, my antenna springs up. I can't remember the last time he invited me to a movie. So what if I never expressed a desire in seeing Charlie Wilson, he needs to respect my role as the designated movie date! I mentioned something about J.J.'s movie tastes and she decided then to tell me that he hates that nickname. Well, excuse the heck outta me!

J.J. (yes, I'm still going to call him that) is planning a party that is supposed to help Ana and I get to know each other better and eliminate any animosity between us. Whatever. That chick better step off and realize that I'm the Grace to his Will. Hmph!


Nicole said...

Funny! What has the world come to when we're fighting over gay men! I'm sure it's just a fling and JJ will be back with his rightful Grace soon.

eclat said...

I LOVED Felicity! It was one of the best shows on TV...that, and Popular. (I have no idea how Popular kicked the bucket so abruptly, but Ugly Betty is a mere imitation of "Popular"!)

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

@Nicole: I know, isn't strange? And I do hope you're right about JJ. I would hate to have to shank Ana!

@eclat: Wasn't Felicity great? (Until the last season, then it was horrible). I never watched Popular, but I do like Ugly Betty.

screamish said...

Stuck in the wilds of France, I have no idea who Felicity is..maybe they have it here, a different title...