Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Baby, you'll always be 16 to me." -- Curtis

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my posting duties, even falling back on my promise of Monday/Wednesday postings. I wish I had a reason as to why things have been so delayed, but I don’t. I’ve just been lazy. And between the ongoing rush that is the holidays and the strange things that keep happening to me, trust, I have plenty to write about. I just haven’t been motivated to do so. But today that changes.

Because I haven’t been posting, I haven’t mentioned my ongoing obsession with the movie, “Dreamgirls.” When I was around four years old, Mom went to Broadway to catch this musical with her sisters. She was so excited about how great it was, that she came back and told me about the play word for word. I remember looking through the book at the gorgeous Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine and Jennifer Holliday. Mom played the songs non stop, especially Jennifer Holliday’s “And I Am Telling You.” I loved this play without even seeing it. I was upset that I didn’t get a chance to go, but Mom said I was too young.

Fast forward to the present day. I heard that they were producing a movie and I didn’t have high hopes. But then I saw the previews with Beyoncé channeling Diva Diana in all her fabulousness, that I knew I must see it. To prepare, I whipped out my copy of “Mahogany” (yes, I do own it, no I ain’t ‘shamed) and got ready to watch. But my stupid VCR apparently wanted the tape more than I did and it got lodged inside. I’ve been trying to get that bad boy out for a week now.

Anyway, I saw the movie the day after Christmas. I LOVED it. I felt like I was at a concert. Jennifer Hudson was AMAZING… stole the show in my opinion. And I’ve never been a Beyoncé fan before, but the chick gets much respect. I mean, this heffa is downright gorgeous. Even in those old wigs and outfits, she shined.

I sang, I clapped and if it wasn’t for that annoying Little Bastard in our row, I would have cried during the critical Jennifer Hudson song or Jamie Foxx’s “When I First Saw You.” This kid did it all – needed to go to the bathroom during my favorite scene (Jamie’s previously mentioned song), sneezed annoyingly throughout the movie, loudly whispered to her mother at critical parts, among other things. I had to restrain my movie date, J.J., from screaming “Roe Vs. Wade” at her mother. That experience helped me realize that when I have kids, I’m never taking them to the movies. If I must, I’m doping them up on Benadryl beforehand.

Despite those challenges, I had an enjoyable time. I’ll probably see the movie again, because that’s how I get when I’m in obsessive mode. When it comes on DVD, I’ll probably buy it. Hopefully, by then I’ll have rescued “Mahogany” from my evil VCR and I’ll be able to view the flicks consecutively. Yes, I know I need help. Unfortunately, I can’t afford the help that I need.

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Mlle Smith said...

I was supposed to see this on Christmas day and I decided against it...literally tossing out the already purchased tickets. The irony is too much for me: life imitating art imitating life.

Letoya was originally the lead singer of DC before BK's father became their manager and immediately made his daughter the lead singer and Letoya became background. Even going so far as to toss the girl out of the group...along with the other one...Latavia? (I don't know if that's the right name or not)

I'm ashamed that I even know the names of these girls or their story! I simply can't bring myself to see a movie with her name in the credits...(same applies to Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson) and the irony alone would prove far too great a distraction for me to even focus on the movie. Especially with the golden globe nominations...the irony continues. Why J.Hudson was nominated as "best supporting actress" is beyond me when they all agree that the movie is really about her character. I thought that was very sucky of their movie studio and her/her father (but very much in form with their past behavior)...and also incredibly distasteful of the Golden Globe board to go along with that sort of narcissism. For me, they've really compromised any shred of credibility they had left. (Obviously I'm not a pro-Hollywood sort of gal :0)

Glib Gurl said...

I also plan to see the movie at least one more time in the theaters and I damn sure will make sure to get it on dvd. (I can only imagine all the great extras we'll get - screen tests, cut scenes, etc., etc.) The soundtrack has been burnin' up my stereo since I saw the movie on Saturday. Overall I really, really enjoyed it (although, as I mention on my blog, the movie was not without its flaws). I'm hoping that the movie prompts Broadway to revive the production. (I hear that The Wiz will be back on Broadway in the next year or so.)

Mlle Smith - From what I understand, it's not necessarily the Golden Globes or Oscars folks who determine what category each actor should be put in; rather, the movie studios (and/or the actors themselves) nominate people for particular awards. If you look at the trade publications like Variety, you'll see that the studios take out giant ads around nomination time that basically *suggest* who should be nominated for what. That said, I didn't know all of that stuff about Destiny's Child. (I always thought it was the Knowles family that started the group.) Well, we all know that what goes around comes around. LeToya's solo disc is doing well, hopefully the others will have their moment in the limelight eventually.

Mlle Smith said...

GlibG, yes, the movie studios do actually appeal to the Academy, etc. to nominate actors for awards. But, I have not a single doubt that she and her father made sure that the movie studio would agree to have her nominated as "best actress" instead of Jennifer Hudson.

I assumed that the Golden Globes would snub her dad and their studio and nominate J. Hudson in the "best actress" category for her role in the movie...but instead, they simply went along with this...I suppose it makes for good ratings on television.

Yeah, Father Knowles took over the management of the group later on, if I remember correctly, there were two other people involved that eventually left (both sides offer conflicting reasons) and Knowles took over himself, making his daughter the lead singer and the former lead singer the backup. That's really one crazy bunch, I'll tell ya... :0(

Tha L said...

Sorry about the little bastard,but glad u enjoyed the movie.I simply cannot get myself to go see it.Just not my kind of flick (there's no killing in it, I hate musicals, I've grown very tired of Ms.B, and I've been disappointed too many times by remakes). But for the true Diva Diana fan, I hear it is an excellent pick! Peace.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

sorry you guys will miss out, mlle smith and tha l! yeah, i knew some of the knowles family drama but not all. i think the drama with destiny's child kinda intrigued me to see the movie even more. and you're right, glib gurl, it wasn't without it's flaws. but i enjoyed it and i love musicals, so i'll probably add it to my collection once dvd time rolls around.