Monday, December 04, 2006

Baby, Remember My Name

I mentioned previously that I was revisiting my childhood and right now I'm in the thick of it. I'm still in the '80s and I'm done with watching and re-watching my favorite movie, only to move on to one of my favorite TV shows. I put in for my netflix order and promplty received season one of Fame on dvd.

Say what you will, but when I was a girl, I thought this was the best show on TV. I sang along to the theme song, making up some words as I went along. I was always so perplexed that these people not only wanted to live forever, but they wanted to learn how to fly....high. Deep. Real deep. In my mind, I was Cocoa, who danced her butt off in a class run by Clair Huxtable's baby sister. My other favorite character was Leroy Johnson... but of course. Gene Anthony Ray was the best thing that happened to that show.

I spent a good hunk of Saturday morning and afternoon watching the show. It's not good by today's standards (and don't even get me started on the movie, which SUCKS. the best part was leroy's audition dance), but I couldn't walk away from my TV. There were a few cameos in there, including a non-speaking part from Michael DeLorenzo and a speaking part from the brotha who played the father on "Moesha."

I was so enthralled with Fame that Mom signed me up for ballet lessons. I decided I wanted something more exciting, so I switched to tap, then jazz. In the end, I decided I wanted to hang up my dancing shoes and watch Saturday morning cartoons with my cousins. That's probably why I have two left feet to this day. I had big dreams, I wanted fame. But fame costs and I didn't want to start paying ... in sweat.

Oh well, I'd better get back to my show. I only have one more episode to watch on disc 1 and I'll be done with that one. I can't wait till they release all the previous seasons on dvd, because I surely will add them to my collection. But then I'd never leave the house. It's a Catch 22. Sigh.


Mlle Smith said...

Wow, I remember Leroy! He was fierce...and what little girl didn't want to be Cocoa?

Baby, remember my name. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember...

Anonymous said...

didn't we all want to take ballet back then? sigh. those were the days...

hey, have you ever tried to change your template? i was going to on mine this morning but it said: warning, all customizations will be lost. what the heck does that mean? do you know? like pictures? posts?

Mlle Smith said...

It means any specific changes that you made in regard to the formatting would be lost upon changing the template.

For my site, I changed a few things like the fonts, font colors, hyperlink colors, and alignment for example. If I switched to another template, those changes that I made to those attributes would be lost and I'd have to do it all over again. This would include the Flickr bar that's in my sidebar, as well as the clocks that I recently placed into my sidebar.

Your data, on the other hand, should not be lost...I say should because anything could happen. But chances are, your data will not be lost. Only your template will change.