Saturday, August 25, 2007

For Tha L, who's not trying to be 'ALL THE WAY UP' in my bizness

Well, I did go on the Not-Date with Crush (this would be the fourth Not-Date, to be exact), as I mentioned before. It was, how do you say ... uneventful. Yes, uneventful is the word of the night. This man has no pulse. Allow me to set the scene.

A friend of a friend was having a party that included dancing, salsa in particular. Crush and I agreed to meet up there. Let me just say that I was hot ... I was looking fierce in this strapless black and white dress. I put a little extra time into getting ready and I even smelled good too. Crush arrived before me and once I went to greet him, all he said was 'hello.' This dude had the absolute gall not to be affected by me in all my gorgeousness.

The night wore on and we danced and chatted, danced and chatted, sometimes with each other, sometimes with other people. I upped the flirting a notch, yet Crush did not take the bait. Grrr.

Anywho, I drove home feeling dejected and disappointed. I felt like Marcus Graham in that scene in Boomerang where he's trying to get Robin Givens' character to fall into his charms: "This is my mack daddy vibe I'm giving you, in all it splendor. Check it, it's like Jet Magazine (pose)." I mean really, the nerve of this fool to be immune to my feminine wiles.

When I got home, it was late, I turned on my computer for a minute just to check my email. Crush was online and we im'd for about an hour. That's the thing about this dude, we're rarely on the phone -- mostly i.m., text, email. Call me old school, but you've got to call me. Sheesh. Anyway, I've given myself a deadline (Sept. 11, to be exact) as to when I'll either tell him I like him or ask him if he likes me or something like that. Man, I feel like I'm back in high school again. Maybe I'll slip him a note that says, 'do you like me? check yes, no, or I don't know.'

PS I hope that's enough, L-Boogie. And this works both ways ... I mean, can I learn a little bit more about this special someon you've been so giddy about? I'm not trying to be 'ALL THE WAY UP in yo bizness' but, ya know .... =)

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Tha L said...

Aww damn! Did you HAVE to call me ALL THE WAY OUT sis?!! Touche...I'll see what I can do.

Anywho, sorry the sparks didn't fly like we'd fault of your own, I KNOW u were fierce! But it sounds to me like Crush is either shy, scared, or in desperate need of a defibrillator. But really tho, he should get over it, and quick. I like the fact that you've given yourself a deadline. Sometimes it's best just to come right out and say it "Look, Crush, I really like what u wanna do?" But are u willing to take the risk of making the friendship wierd if he doesn't feel the same?

by the way, check out for some great info on the fasting thang. Peace!

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Thanks for the site!! Sorry for calling u all the way out, but it made for a really good headline title. =)

Yeah, risking ruining a good friendship is the clincher here. I'll figure it all out. I hope.

Juicy77 said...

love the Boomerang reference.
Sorry nothing happened.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Thanks Juicy.