Friday, May 25, 2007

The Desk (At Work)

I finally got my digital camera to work, so I figured I'd be lazy today and just write about some illustrations. What you see above is my desk at work. I'm going through the 'lived in' stage, where papers, pens and books are pretty much tossed around willy nilly. It is a tad bit messy and I do need to clean it up. But trust, this desk is nothing compared to that of some of my coworkers. You'll notice on the top cubicle wall a series of items that I share with my neighbor, Nicole. We're both figurine freaks. Recently, an older woman bought in her child's old toys that she planned to give away and we added them to our stash. Here's some quick views.

What you see here are some of the items we share. From the left, you'll see our two bottles of Ibuprofen. Oh yes, it gets like that sometimes. Especially since we are apparently on the same cycle. Next to the drugs, you'll see a snow globe with Mickey Mouse inside, then Peter Pan in a face off with Captain Hook. Then there's my trusty Justin Timberlake bobblehead doll (it was a gag gift), Orko from She-Ra Princess of power and a bobblehead of Jesus. The Jesus figure is Nicole's not mine. She's the blasphemous one.

And now it's time for my favorite figurine of all:

Yep. That right there is the Avenging Unicorn. It comes with three figurines -- a mime, hippie and a boss that you can impale with the various unicorn horns. My unicorn is stabbing the hippie and I've given the impaled boss and mime to some other coworkers who share my anger management issues. Fun times!!

Here's the front of my desk:

As you can see, I have a royalty complex. And yes, that's Robin Thicke as the background to my computer. Ya'll know I love him. I also have a picture of my cat and a picture of Method Man taped ot my screen, but you can't see it here.

Here's me looking at my favorite website:

That's '>this one, in case you didn't know. I also have a picture of a comic strip that I like, F Minus.

That's about it for now; it's time to head out into the sunshine. Have a fun Memorial Day weekend!


Mlle Smith said...

This is so cute. And that unicorn...I kept thinking it said "Avignon Unicorn". I read it twice for good measure and saw "Avignon". What's with me?!

Someone really needs to return to France. :0)

MotownRunnerGirl said...

yo! you have a luxurious office. i'll post a picture of mine so you can be appalled on my behalf.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Hahaha Mlle Smith!! Yes, please get your behind back to France. When are you going? Have you made any decisions on the hair yet?

Ummm, think that was an office? It's a desk and part of a wall, dear!! If you've got something worse than that, I'd love to see it. =)

liz said...

hey Q, thanks for the kind words. maybe i'll post a pic of the pick... : )

liz said...

LOVE the Jesus bobblehead, by the way. There's one on our Religion Desk at work, next to the boxing nun.
We're all going to hell.

Mlle Smith said...

Without looking at my itinerary (I have no idea of where I put the printout), I believe I'm departing on July 12th...that way I get paid two more paychecks before departing, AND I arrive in time for Olivier's birthday and the French national holiday. The wait is making me crazed, but perhaps it's better this way since gathering the paperwork together is taking longer than I expected....argh! I'm going to blog about that soon. :0l

My hair, well, I've been wearing it very curly as of late and I haven't figure out what to do with it from there. I'm going to get some shaktis and put them in my hair...maybe a Billy Holiday inspired orchid to grace the coif! :0)

Reese The Law Girl said...

Oh, how fun! That's a great idea taking a picture of your work space. I think I'm going to steal it! ;)

Also, I'm going to steal Orko. ;)

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Liz -- The Jesus bobblehead is not mine. I'm not the one going to hell! And please post pix of the pic. Hah, that almost rhymes!!

Mlle. Smith -- Your departure date will be here soon, don't worry! I'm sure you'll figure out something to do with the tresses.

Reese -- Thanks! And feel free to steal. But Orko is all mine! =)

Mlle Smith said...

And by the way, I have a picture of the gorgeous dude from Sanaa Lathan's movie "Something Different" on my desktop. O saw it and just snorted.

But I totally heart him in all of his burly, plaid, gardening glory. :0l

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Something New, Mlle. Something New. =) Maybe it's just me, I wasn't feeling the appeal of either Blair Underwood or her burly love interest in that flick. Perhaps it was the lighting. Or maybe I'm nuts!

Mlle Smith said...

LMAO, it IS Something New, isn't it!? Great Scott, heehee! :0)

Juicy77 said...

Your work space isn't at all what I pictured. It's not that bad actually. It's fun! At least you have a wall. I had a desk once and No walls - not a one. They just stuck my a** out in the open.