Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Life …. According to Mary J. Blige

I’m the last person on earth to get this cd, but this week I bought the latest from Ms. Blige, ‘The Breakthrough.’ The thing is, my Momma was supposed to let me burn her copy so I wouldn’t have to buy it myself. But she wasn’t willing to part with it, then she moved. Never mind, no more excuses. The cd is in my hot little hands now. And I must say:
It. is. off. the. chain.

It’s the kind of cd that I need to keep with me at all times – in my car, in my headphones, on my work computer. I have all of MJB’s cds and I always thought that cd #2, ‘My Life,’ was her best. I worried that now that the Queen of Hip Hop Soul was happily married and whatnot that her music would suffer. After all, pain makes the best music. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one. Every song is amazing. ‘I Found My Everything’ is my favorite track, along with ‘Enough Cryin,’ ‘MJB Da MVP’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough.’ But I still have to whip out the ‘My Life’ cd every now and again. If I could put my life to a soundtrack, songs from that cd would be used to describe this period in my life. Maybe there’s a breakthrough somewhere around the corner.

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