Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacation -- The Afterglow

I just returned from a fabulous island/beach vacation. I was gone for seven whole days and Toni Braxton was right, that is way to long to go without getting in touch. So here's what I did while I was away.

I shot stuff with my new camera:

I drank stuff:

----- That's an Obamarita. It wasn't that great, but I drank it for vacation's sake

I ate stuff:

--- That's an apple fritter. According to the bakery, one is good enough to feed three people. I shared one with two friends, and it has taken me two days to finish the one I bought for just little ole me.

I beached, I read, I napped outdoors:

I watched other people exercise, without feeling guilty:

And most importantly, I was honored to see one of my oldest friends get married:

Tomorrow it is back to reality, and work. Playtime is over. Sigh.

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