Monday, June 28, 2010

The Sunday Spin (A Remix for a Moody Monday)

Today I am thankful for ...

1. Emergency weekend getaways

2. Good friends that allow me to cry on their shoulders

3. Holding a newborn! No matter how insomniatic (is that even a word?) she may be

4. My obsessive reading schedule which has been whittled down from four books (Jim the Boy, Plains of Passage, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Heart of the Matter) to two (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Heart of the Matter)

5. Good friends who allow my HBO-less self watch True Blood on their couch

6. The mamas of good friends who save me leftovers of fried chicken, corn on the cob and kale

7. A hearty greeting from my cat, who missed me desperately after two days. (Actually, he just wanted food, but I’ll take it where I can get it)

Have a good week everybody!


MaggieWags said...

I'm thinking of reading the dragon tattoo books. you recommend/?? i have never gotten my reading on sked since you left...

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

I do like the Dragon Tattoo book. Alot of suspense, and intrigue. Have we discussed Emily Giffin? If not, I suggest you read Baby Proof or Something Borrowed. Good stuff! Heart of the Matter is her latest.

MaggieWags said...

i read all of emily giffin's books minus that latest one. bought dragon tattoo today. can't wait to get started!!!