Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's Going On

This post will be scatterbrained, cuz that's how I'm feeling at the moment.

My guitar teacher has informed me that I have to perform in a concert this spring. No ifs, ands or buts about it. So I have to perfect this song in time for the May event. I like the song, which has no name, other than 'Study in A Minor.' It gives me a chance to do a little fingerpicking, which I love. But I'm nervous!!! I'll have to practice like a bandit so I don't make a fool of myself.

It is a Tuesday, which means I jumped through hoops to leave work early, battle traffic and get to my grad school class this evening. I go through all that for us to spend a whopping twenty minutes in class. Apparently, the professor sent an email earlier saying she wasn't feeling well and wasn't sure she could 'galvanize the energy' to make it to class today, so she left one of my classmates in charge. That's interesting, especially since I galvanize the energy to get to class twice a week, but whatever. Why couldn't she just cancel the blipping class??? Instead, we just sat around and talked about our projects briefly and rolled out. What a waste of time.

A close friend is running away and getting married. Not really running away, but going to the justice of the peace with no one but her and his parents and calling it a day. But I have the pleasure of keeping the phone by me at only times so I can be alerted once she they settle on a date. I've promised to go out there a few weeks beforehand and help her get ready. But the problem is this friend lives four hours away and my car is slowly turning into a hooptie. Hopefully, she won't get the urge for broom hopping until after I get all the necessary repairs to my car.

Got the new Erykah Badu and I'm LOVIN' 'Honey', 'Me' and 'That Hump.' Those are my favorites, but I like the whole CD. Of course, I still have Mary J Blige and Keyshia Cole on constant rotation. Can't wait for the new Mariah to drop.

Just finished "A Piece of Cake" by Cupcake Brown. This is a true story of an abused foster child turned prostitute turned Bloods member turned crackhead turned lawyer. Yeah, it's deep and VERY detailed. A good read, but heavy. It made me grateful for all the opportunites I've had, but it also made me sad for people who grow up in similar situations. It's a loooong book too. Nearly 500 pages. If you've got the time and you're willing to go through the roller coaster ride that is her life, check it out.

And that's it for me tonight. Thanks for tuning in!


motownrunnergirl said...

i hope this crackhead turned lawyer didn't end up making her fascinating story up like ms. love and consequences and mr. a million little pieces.i don't understand how people think these lies won't be found out. at least mr. million little pieces had some truths in his book. i'm annoyed. i'm also annoyed with your teacher!!!! how are you today? i can't think of something to write today!!

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Wasn't that Love and Consequences story just crazy? The entire book was a lie! How could she think no one was going to find out about it. Sheesh. I've googled Cupcake Brown and it looks like her story rings true, or at least it can't be disproven.

Tha L said...

Arrgghh!!! I can't stand inconsiderate professors who think they can skip out on their duties, which we as students pay heftily for...and then turn around and mark us down for being absent. Tell your professor to pull it together! Sorry you battled traffic in your near-hooptie (girl, you better get those repairs, lawd know you need your vehicle!) for nothing.

Camille said...

that book sounds interesting. and that one 'memoir' that wasnt is still making me mad. memoir does not mean some parts are true and some are things i think i thought i experienced once before...and your random thoughts have me thinking i should get some of mine and post!

Reese The Law Girl said...


27 days until BSG!!!! :)