Monday, March 10, 2008

Stank & Sexy

It annoys me when someone coins a phrase that I didn’t think of first. But since I love Anika Noni Rose, I can’t be too mad. She did an interview recently where she used a term that I’m going to take and use to my own devices. In talking about Terrence Howard in ‘The Best Man:’ “You know he had something dirty," she said. "He had the stank and the sexy at the same time.’ I couldn't have said it better myself.

Here’s my translation:

Sexynstank: (adj). A person bringing a certain virile swagger, while displaying other vile attributes. Can also be used as a noun, i.e. Terrence Howard bought the sexynstank or sexynstank Terrence Howard. Can also be abbreviated, like the S-n-S.

Here are a few folks that I think rock the S-n-S, in no particular order:

·50 Cent: Whenever I hear this man’s name, I get annoyed because it is tied into him hating on somebody. I’ll think he’s stupid and immature … until he takes his shirt off. My goodness gracious. It’s so hard to stay mad at a man with a bulletproof body. Whew! Sexynstank, indeed.

·Nicholas Cage: Dude just does it for me. Castor Troy in Face Off was the truth.

·Kiefer Sutherland: I’ve seen practically every movie of his and I never found him attractive. I thought he was a decent actor who got some so so parts, but I wasn’t a crazy fan. But then I started watching 24. It is amazing to watch his alter ego Jack Bauer fight the good fight for CTU. One minute, he is the devoted Dad who teaches his daughter how to shoot her first victim and the next minute, he tortures a suspect by shooting out the kneecaps of the man’s wife. He does all this with a smooth, velvety voice to match. Nice! (Too bad I stopped watching the show back when they killed off two of my favorite characters).

·Eddie Cibrian: He caught my attention when he played a bad boy on the soaps and then he played a womanizer on ‘Third Watch.’ His ex wife on Third Watch went nutso when he did her wrong and looking at those dimples, I understand.

·Tyrese: I thought he was corny until I saw ‘Baby Boy.’ Talk about the S-n-S effect. Once I saw that he had some thug in him, it upped him a notch in my book.

These are just a few that crossed my mind. I'd like to put Don Cheadle up there, but I can't think of any examples of him being stank. Hmmmm. Got anybody on your Sexynstank list?


Anonymous said...


A said...

OOOooo fun. I used to feel that way about Vince Vaughn but he just became all out gross and lost the sexy factor.

Billy Crudup - This man is absolutely gorgeous with perfect features. But stank stank stank in how he treated the mother of his child while she was pregnant.

Jude Law - Gorgeous cheater.

Rick Fox - This man would probably make you feel naked when he's looking at you

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Thought he was too feminine looking in Bend it like Beckham but he's HOT in the Tudors.

Tha L said...

Oh YES! Your list is RIGHT ON! Here's my top few:

Christopher Meloni - Detective Stabler on Law & Order SVU. He's sexy as all hell to me, and his volatile temper, as horrible as it would be in real life, makes me wanna get naked every time.

Gbenga Akinnagbe - Chris Partlow on The Wire. Grrrlll...I loves me a man with a gun.

Kurt Cobain - former lead singer of Nirvana. His grungy looks and his dirty raspy voice always turned me on. Too bad he killed himself tho...

Snoop D-O-double-G - no explanation needed. I know he's skinny as hell, but I don't CARE!

Oh, and I agree with anonymous up top about Tupac. Oh YES.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Tupac!!! How could I forget him? He must be on the list. Thanks, Anonymous! I should also add Allen Iverson.

@A: I agree with you on Vince Vaughn -- he doesn't have the appeal anymore. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is def. special!

@Tha L: Oh, I love Stabler too! I remember when he used to do the full frontals on Oz. Hah! I had to google Gbenga, but he's definitely on the list!

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah... I am so feeling the stank and sexy...

I'm adding Sheek Louch to the equation...

Jamie Foxx too... have you ever seen him clubbing... he gets it in

Nicole said...

Hmm, not sure how stank some of mine are but:

Musicians: Prince and Andre 3000 - cause there's something diva-ish and ho-ish about em, but they could convince me to do just about anything. Tupac...agreed. LL and those lips/dimples! And I have to admit it - 50 Cent.

Actors: Definitely agree with Jamie Foxx and Jude Law. Add Colin Farrell cause I'm a sucka for an accent.

Athletes: Derek Jeter, Beckham, Jason Kidd. And I've got a thing for a young Muhammad Ali - cheater that he was.

Cami said...

Hmm ... imma have to say LL Cool J and definitely Tupac.

Juicy77 said...

Colin Farrell!

motownrunnergirl said...

i tagged you to follow the instructions on my blog. indulge me. :)