Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Break Follies with Oprah & Gayle

I'm crying, but in a good way.

I'm a part time graduate student, so each Tuesday I leave work a tad bit early so I can go to my weekly class. This week, the university is closed because of spring break. Naturally, I didn't tell my supervisors that. I strolled out of the office at around 3:30 and got the chance to feel the 60 degree weather for a change. It was great!

By the time I got home, Oprah was just coming on. I have an interesting relationship with Lady O. I was raised in a household where the holy trinity was Oprah, Jesse Jackson and Vanessa Williams. My mother loved and still loves these three people; she would defend them till the end. (She doesn't defend Jesse as much anymore, but that's a different story). Because I was the rebellious kid I was, I had to have a different opinion. I'd make fun of her when she watched her tapes of the show and get annoyed when she made me leave the room because friggin' Oprah was on. It hurt my little heart and turned me into the Anti-Oprah. Although, I did squeal like a big baby that one time I met her.

These days, I've learned to appreciate Lady O, but I'm sure not telling Mom that. I turned on the show today and I laughed so hard I cried. They did a rebroadcast of Oprah and Gayle adventure show. The way I understand it, the two BFFs are taking a road trip across the globe and putting it on film. I didn't watch the entire thing, but what I saw cracked me up. At one point, they were at this hotel and this old lady had no clue who Oprah was at first glance. She simply asked them where they were from and would've simply gave them a room at the motel if Gayle didn't spill the beans on Oprah's identity.

For awhile, my girls and I have been talking about taking a road trip. The plan is for the three of us (Myself, B. and Juicy) to travel someplace west and record our adventures on voice recorder. It won't be on an Oprah and Gayle level, but I'm sure it'll be really fun, depending on how long the trip is. The three of us took a four-hour drive to a wedding a few years ago and it was quite comical. B is my happy-go-lucky friend who has a serious case of road rage, while Juicy is .... well, just Juicy. =) Most of the time, B is forced to play referee when Juicy and I have slight disagreements. I would hope we wouldn't kill each other on a road trip.

Four more days 'till 30. Outlook? So-so.

Happy spring!


Mlle Smith said...

Oprah is my hero, really...she's truly the comeback kid (have you seen her life story?...c'est incroyable, vraiment!

And may I add, that Oprah wore a pair of earrings on her mag cover picked out by yours truly?

I was providing PR for another designer and I got a request from her stylist that the O needed jewelry asap. Anyway, she chose the pair I picked out and that made me very happy, indeed. :0)

Errr...that's it.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

I love it! I'll have to see these earrings. Was this a recent cover? 'Cuz I have quite a few issues of O lying around ...

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

I love it!

And I'll have to see these earrings. Was this a recent cover? 'Cuz I have quite a few issues of O lying around ... =)

screamish said...

Why did Jessie Jackson fall out of favour? (I'm not from the US, I've missed some developments I guess)

Juicy77 said...

WHAT-EVER! I told you hussies I was PMSing! (hmph) B.’s road rage is just as bad as mine (yelling at other drivers from the backseat and whatnot.)

Oprah and Gayle ain’t got nothing on the three of us on the road. Our trip would be on some Survivor type ish. lol

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Screamish -- Rev. Jesse fell out of favor with Mom b/c it was revealed that he cheated on his wife and had a baby outside of his marriage. I'm not sure if Mom was more upset by the fact that Jesse was unfaithful or that he was unfaithful with someone other than her!

Juicy -- You were beyond PMSing that night. It was crazy! Can't wait for the trip!

MotownRunnerGirl said...

I kind of saw this Izzy/George thing coming, didn't you??? Izzy loves George. Feel sorry for Cal, tho. Gotta tell ya.

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

I knew Izzy loved George, but not like that. Sheesh. He's well on his way to sleeping with all his friends! And u know good and well Callie's gonna kick Izzy's arse! Too bad I can't watch tonight, I have a friggin late meeting.