Thursday, January 11, 2007


My Kelis cd is skipping something awful, forcing me to listen to the radio while I'm in my car. That pisses me off to the high heavens because there are few things on the airwaves that I want to listen to these days. The dj will play a song I like and then either follow it up with songs about sex acts and/or drug dealing or those by artists that I refuse to let into my psyche, i.e. R. Kelly, Diddy. So I've been in a musical rut.

I did get an iPod so that has helped me escape alot of my musical issues. I don't have all the things that I need for my new little device, particularly the radio player. But I've been happily downloading ever since I got it. So far, I've added Ciara, John Legend, the Pussycat Dolls (I only got two songs, I can't help it), Beyonce and Common to my listening pleasure.

Unfortunately, Kelis is one of those cds I've kept in my car to get me through my day. Yeah, she talks about sex too, quite a bit. But the way she talks about it is more of an empowerment for women instead of degradation, if that makes any sense. There is no greater joy than to have "Blindfold Me," "Awww, S***t" or my personal favorite, "F*** them B*****s", to keep me pressing on. I'll have to stop being lazy and add her to the iPod so the radio can stop brainwashing me.


Mlle Smith said...

I hear you with the whole radio thing. I cannot tolerate listening to the radio anymore...nearly every song is about "hustlin'-back-that-up-pop-that-smack-that-I'll-ride-for-him-stash-his get the drift. LMAO

People don't even make love songs anymore...not real love songs; at least when it comes to American R&B. I listen to my Zen (LOVE IT) and I listen to the French radio stations, but that's it. I really can't allow the stations here to brainwash me (LOVE that you say that too!).

May I suggest Les Nubians?

The Humanity Critic said...

I think my Ipod has saved me from going on a killing spree, based on how severely wack the radio is nowadays..

MotownRunnerGirl said...

i meant to send you some music for xmas but i never got around to sending anyone anything for xmas!!! if you give me your address, i might send you something. it's got amos lee, david gray, indigo girls, juanes, nikka costa, modest mouse, stuff like that. i love it (so maybe you'll love it).

Lola Gets said...

Radio is wack, but I love the variety - Im a channel changer. Ive heard two of Kelis' songs on the radio, and I like them so much, I might just actually buy the cd!