Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Year Seven

This blog turned seven this month and I didn't even notice. Actually, I did notice, but not on Feb. 9, which was the day I gave birth to Strength/Courage/Wisdom. I was crossing off a day in my calendar when it occurred to me that there is this website that I'm responsible for and I'd been neglecting it terribly this year.

Because I've been rarely blogging, I know my audience has dwindled. And that's fine, because I don't write for other people. I write for me. And I owe it to myself to get into a regular blogging schedule. It's just a matter of figuring out how to do that between work and other commitments.

Despite my silence, things have been going well for me. I've been staying busy, which has made blogging pretty much impossible. In the past few weeks, I've become a sushi chef, a certified zumba instructor and Google Analytics pro. OK  I'm exaggerating, but I've made careful steps into each of those ventures. I continue to write fiction and I'm finishing up the edits on a second novel so I can shop it around.

Anyway, I have not forgotten you, dear sweet Strength/Courage/Wisdom. You stay on my mind, so I'll have to find a better way to show you love.   

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