Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Sunday Spin

1. Vacation is officially over. =(

2. So that means I should try to get back in a regular sleeping pattern

3. I've committed to working out again, specifically running

4. this time the goal is to do it at least four days a week

5. and that's easier said and done

6. I have this strange fear that daylight savings time is going to mess me up this year

7. I want to see Good Hair. I kinda want to see Precious, but someone will have to see it for me first and let me know how graphic it is. Deal?


MaggieWags said...

Did you see Where the Wild Things are yet?

Strength/Courage/Wisdom said...

Nope, was it good?

MaggieWags said...

yeah, i liked it. the kids were bored though. it's more for adults. good soundtrack.

Cami said...

i think Precious will be good...but i need to do something happy after i see it so i dont burst into tears. lol.